Commercial Steel Windows

Commercial steel windows, screens and doors can be specified using a number of rolled steel window profile suites. W20 and W40 are the most common systems nowadays and these can be used to manufacture a range of window/door styles. Specifications vary between jobs but we can supply single glazed steel systems as well as 28 mm double or triple glazed systems.

Please take a look at the drop down menu above which gives more detail on W20 and W40 profiles.

SMW Sections

The window profile that is used by 'Crittalls' as the basis for their 'homelight' window system.

W20 Sections

W20 steel window and door sections are still used today in domestic and commercial applications. 

W40 Sections

As these sections are slightly thicker the doors and windows can be manufactured to larger sizes.


You can download section details, brochures and specifiers guides from right here.

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