W20 Steel Window & Door Sections

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W20 steel window and door sections are still used today in domestic and commercial applications. 

In our view the main strength of W20 steel sections is their versatility. Steel windows using this section can be manufactured as hinged open In or out windows, vertical or horizontal pivot windows that swing through 180 degrees) and hinged open In or open out doors (single or double). 

The other major benefit is that should the project require glazing bars then we can supply true steel 'T' bars. These can be internally or externally glazed complete with a beading system for single glazing or up to 16 mm double glazing. This system is therefore ideally suited for commercial projects where small pane glazing is required (such as dockside apartments/commercial buildings, etc). 

The W20 steel window meets building regulations by achieving a 1.2 W/m2K centre pane U value.

W20 steel doors achieve a 1.8 W/m2K overall U value and so meet Part L building regulations.

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