Some of our customers want to keep their original steel windows and doors. 

This may be due to financial budgets, because they are in a listed property or just because the customer is happy with their original windows. In this instance we can offer a couple of options to help increase the life of the frames.

'Ease and Adjust'

This option is a relatively lost cost solution to extending the life span of the original frames.

We can 'ease' and adjust' the opening windows so that they close in a tighter position. Normally over the lifespan of the frame it will have had multiple layers of paint. The original frames will have been set up in the factory to cope with an undercoat and a couple of top coats. Therefore over the life span of the frames the paint thickness will increase and so prevent the opening windows closing properly.

We chip or grind away the paint at the meeting surfaces of the opening frames back to the original steel. We then apply a rust inhibitor such as a red oxide or galvafroid paint. We can also attempt to take any twists out of the frames although there is a risk of the glass breaking if this is the case.

We can also replace any broken glazing using glass to match including traditional leaded glazing with antique glass.

We can also replace any broken or defective ironmongery using fittings from the currently available range of steel window ironmongery. In some cases we can manufacture bespoke ironmongery should this be required.

We will then supply and apply a polyurethane draught proof (or a mastic tape backed neoprene/foam) to try and minimise draught issues.

In this instance any decorations need to be completed by others as we do not purport to be professional painters.

'Full Refurbishment' 

Some of our customers want a full refurbishment carried out on their windows and doors. 

In this case we can offer to remove the existing windows and take them back to our factory. This does obviously mean that the openings need to be temporarily boarded up or glazed.

We can then deglaze the windows, shot blast them back to the original steel, treat any oxidised sections, weld in any replacement sections, wet galvanise and  epoxy paint finish.

We can then supply new glass which can include 'slimlite' double glazed units or antique glass genuine leaded lights.

We then return to site and reinstall the frames into the original openings.

We do not get involved with timber sub frame refurbishment although we can supply and install new hardwood or Oak timber sub frames.

If you require more information to do with a specific project or wish us to supply and estimate then please do not hesitate to contact our office. Our showroom with some window and door examples can be seen during office hours.

For more information or to request a quotation please contact us.